Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A New Glasswork Artist

Hello Goddesses!
I have an online friend that I joke with about being her "stalker".  She has some amazing jewelry designs and she inspires me a great deal.  I'm happy to say that one of her pieces is being published in the quarterly publication Jewelry Affaire AND she just one a contest with another piece through beadaholique.com.  She AND her work are truly inspirational to me.

Now, it's a little joke we have that I'm her biggest stalker on Facebook.  Through my stalking her, I have come across some AMAZING beads!  One set I bought from her (well, Boyfriend).  Lampwork beads!

Through Boyfriend and Lauren I found Cozza Frenzzy Glassworks.  He's been so much fun to learn from. I've purchased three different sets of his beads (two are on their way to me now).  He's so creative.  He's the type of person that thinks "out of the box."  Well, let me show you what I mean.

Some gorgeous pieces right??? The three sets of beads I purchased from him are in that video.  Can you believe he's only been doing this since March?!! Yes.... March of 2012!!! 

If you have any questions about his pieces or want to purchase one of them, you can private message Lauren through her Lp's Jewelry Facebook page:

The link to Lauren's Etsy shop is here:

Again, if you have ANY questions or want to inquire about one of Cozza Frenzzy Glasswork pieces, please go to Lauren's Facebook page (link above).  She even has a photo album marked DZ Pendants.  That would be pieces by Cozza Frenzzy Glassworks. 

Well, Goddesses, its time for me to come to a close on this post.  I hope something you see on one of Lauren's pages or something from Cozza Frenzzy Glassworks inspires you to be creative!

Keep Creating Goddesses!


-Lp'S Jewelry- said...

YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT STALKER!!! Hahah. I really do appreciate your kind words and am honored to be an inspiration to such a wonderful person!! Thanks for this Kim!!!

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